Partners facilitate the delivery of our services to our end clients in a variety of geographic areas (Germany 1, Australia 2, and the U.S. 3 4) and sectors (Government, Defense) 5. In addition to our services, they complete their portfolio (functional testing 6 7, software development), providing integrated solutions. The following are our current partners:

USA Flag Arroyo Consulting is an agile IT development firm formed in 2009. They have offices in the United States and low-cost operation centers located in Mexico City, as well as in Medellín and Bogotá, Colombia. They have successfully delivered over 1000 projects internationally, with partners in a variety of industries and sectors.

CGSI is a group of companies specialized in cybersecurity solutions and services for Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Their primary business areas include corporate security assessments, design and planning; cloud security, educational and anti-fraud services; continuous compromise assessments; and information security products and solutions.

Choucair is a Colombian pioneer company in software testing. Created in 1999, with an international scope, it offers services related to software testing to reduce operational risks. The success of its services is based on research and qualified human resources, supported by a certified and effective methodology.

Ediligence is a firm that provides data security, forensic and technology consulting services. By aligning legal and technical ideas, they assist in litigation, administrative investigations and consulting in compliance areas. The latter covers competence, personal data protection and intellectual assets.

Evolution is a firm that promotes, implements and strengthens the effective management of IT. It helps companies to improve their competitiveness and profitability through better quality services. It employs world-class practices and, based on mutual trust, successfully builds business relationships with clients, partners and collaborators.

Gamma Ingenieros is a Colombian company which performs consulting and auditing services of construction and telecommunications works. It has a proven track record of fostering customer confidence and improving their experience.

GreenSQA is a company with 15 years of experience in software testing, such as performance tests and tests on different mobile devices. It tests automation throughout the product development life-cycle.

NewNet is a Colombian company dedicated to providing IT services and solutions. It is a pioneer in information technology, with more than 20 years of experience. NewNet’s objective is to plan, establish, implement, operate, review, maintain and improve technology management. All this within the framework of security, service and support, according to each organization’s needs.

Canada Flag Proximiteam is a global provider of high-quality software development services. Their teams of highly skilled software engineers and IT specialists create innovative systems and apps for every industry. Other services include systems integration, data analysis, testing and support. Additionally, they have defined efficient service delivery models that focus on value and productivity.

RSec is a leading-edge company focused on the design, deployment and support of cybersecurity solutions. They provide a complete portfolio of services: assessment and protection of applications, networks and data, pentesting, endpoints, and cloud and email security. Their highly qualified consultants serve clients in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Peru.

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