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Seek for Chaos and Dive Into It

The Antifragile philosophy

In this article, we examine how the Antifragility concept can inform design decisions, change...

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Great Expectations

What to expect when you're at risk

This blog post is a review of a paper from the adversarial risk analysis field applied to cybersecurity.

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Secure Cloud as Code

The weakest link in security is not the technology.

Here we want to help you secure your deployments and avoid common mistakes. Infrastructure as...

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The F*CK Strategy

The pratfall effect application on business

Companies should pay attention to how to handle mistakes and think about how to leverage from...

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Do Not Read This Post

What if this post were a malicious link?

In this post, we'll look into the behavior trends of developers when including security in their...

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Quantitative Python

Risk management with Python

Learn how to implement risk management tools and ideas like the loss exceedance curve and...

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Para Bellum

Prepare for the worst risk

This blog post is focused on Value at Risk (VaR), a measure of the risk of loss in the context...

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Hit or Miss

Estimating attack probability

Here we work based on: What is a beta distribution, and how can it help us estimate the...

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Updating your beliefs

How Bayes Rule affects risk

Here you can find how to use Bayes rule and basic probability theory to reduce uncertainty,...

Computer with do what is great sign.

Git on Steroids

From messy logs to Data Analytics

Learn here, among other things, how to define a Git commit message syntax and use real-time...

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Monetizing Vulnerabilities

From probabilites to dollars and cents

Here we work using calibrated estimates to run a Monte Carlo simulation to obtain the expected...

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Quantifying Risk

From color scales to probabilities and ranges

Here we discuss a survey of probabilistic methods that can be applied to quantify cybersecurity...

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