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Gherkin on Steroids

How to document detailed attack vectors

In this post, we work on how to use Gherkin to document attack vectors in vulnerable...

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Requiem for a p455w0rD

Why passphrases are better than passwords

In this blog post, we mainly make a comparison between having weak or complicated passwords...

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The Oracle of Code

About code as data

This blog post is a description of the code-as-data approach to source code analysis.

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XML: eXploitable Markup Language

XPath injection on XML files

How to perform basic XPath injection on an XML file used for authentication? Find it out here...

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Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

About software composition analysis

Here we mainly develop a discussion on 'A9' of the OWASP Top 10: Using components with known...

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Will Machines Replace Us?

Automatic detection vs. manual detection

Vulnerability detection by an automated tool is not enough to conclude that an app is secure....

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The Infinite Monkey Fuzzer

Fuzz testing using American Fuzzy Lop

In this blog post, we are focused on how to perform basic fuzz attacks on desktop Linux C...

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Fuzzy Bugs Online

Fuzz techniques for attacking web applications

How to make basic fuzz attacks on web apps? We fuzz over SQL injections on a vulnerable DB...

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Is Your App in a Pickle?

Documenting vulnerabilities with gherkin

Gherkin can be used for documentation and automated testing. Here we focus on its basics and how...

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Delimiting an Ethical Hacking

How to define the scope of your objectives

When security flaws are found through ethical hacking, it is important to delimit the...

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Is that CSV Secure?

Defining CSV injection vulnerabilities

Comma-Separated Values file is a common extension in data files used in several application...

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The Importance of Pentesting

Protect your company against Hackers, not Lamers

In this article, we will discuss the importance of Pentesting when protecting our applications.

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