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LibSSH New Vulnerability

New vulnerability on libssh CVE-2018-10933

Here, we will explain a vulnerability that allows a remote attacker to bypass authentication by...

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DevOops Writeup

How to resolve HTB DevOops

In this article, we present how to exploit the vulnerabilities of DevOops, a Linux Hack the Box...

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Functional Fashion in JavaScript

Functional programming in JavaScript

Here we talk about some first steps in functional JavaScript and recommendations for migration....

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Are You Checking Types?

Static type checking with mypy

What are the potential problems of untyped objects in Python? Here we work on the importance of...

Swiss army knive

Road to Functional Python

Functional coding in Python

Here is an intro to the essential aspects of functional programming in Python, its benefits, how...

Piece of code with a function

Why We Go Functional?

Functional vs Imperative

In this blog post, we show an analysis of why it is necessary to go functional even with...

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The Treacherous POODLE

How does the SSL fallback's works

Here we discuss the exploitation of an SSL/TLS flaw that creates a fallback on TLS usage to SSL 3.0.

Release the beast

Release the BEAST!

Understanding the BEAST

How does a theorized attack become practical after more than 10 years? Find out here.

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My Heart Bleeds (But Not for You)

Understanding the flaw behind Heartbleed

Here we talk about Heartbleed, the result of a buggy implementation of the TLS protocol on...

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Pars Orationis Non Est Secura

Using parser combinators to detect flaws

Learn here how to use Python and pyparsing to parse application code in order to find SQL...

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Gherkin on Steroids

How to document detailed attack vectors

In this post, we work on how to use Gherkin to document attack vectors in vulnerable...

Rusty lock

Requiem for a p455w0rD

Why passphrases are better than passwords

In this blog post, we mainly make a comparison between having weak or complicated passwords...

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