Book in two languages

Can Code Be translated?

From code to words

Here we talk about Code2seq, which differs in adapting neural machine translation techniques to...

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Evolution of Cybercrime Costs (I)

Impact of cybercrime today portrays a new landscape

In 2012, the study ‘Measuring the cost of cybercrime’ was presented at the WEIS. Here we...

Target and darts

Further Down Code2vec

Vector representations of code

Here is a tutorial on the usage of code2vec to predict method names, determine the accuracy of...

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Caution! Your Password Can Be Mine

A very short introduction to password cracking

After I wrote this post, I decided to change some of my most important passwords, and after you...

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Bankrupt by Wrong Cybersecurity!

How some firms (especially SMBs) can go broke

Do companies go bankrupt by a cybersecurity breach? Some people assure there is no evidence...

Arrows vector field

Embedding Code Into Vectors

Vector representations of code

Here we discuss code2vec relation with word2vec and autoencoders to grasp better how feasible it...

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The Vectors of Language

Distributed representations of natural language

This post is an overview of word2vec, a method for obtaining vectors that represent natural...

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How to Pass the OSCP

The meaning of Try Harder

The OSCP exam is one of the hardest certifications out there for pentesters. Here we show you...

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Debug Like a Boss

Should CEOs discuss software defects?

Software quality management, including security weaknesses, has become of strategic relevance....

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Battle Tendency

Most relevant IT investments in 2019

In this article, we discuss our research into the most relevant investments and budgets related...

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Intercepting Android

Intercept applications in newer Android phones

Android is one of the most suitable targets for hackers. Here we show how to intercept Android...

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Triage for Hackers

Prioritize code auditing via ML

This post is a high-level review of our previous discussion concerning machine learning...

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