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Do We Need a Purple Team?

Understanding Purple Teams

In this blog, we discuss the fundamentals of Purple Teams and possible ways to implement them in...

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Vulnerability Classifier

A pipeline to classify vulnerable code

Here is a simple attempt to define a vulnerability classifier using categorical encoding and a...

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Security in Trends

Cybersecurity risks in technology trends

In this article, we discuss the main cybersecurity trends for 2019, how to keep your company...

Computer showing a graph

Digression to Regression

Simple linear regression in scikit

In this post, we begin to tackle why vectors are the most appropriate representation for data as...

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Sastisfying App Security

An introduction to SAST

This blog post is an introduction to SAST. We share the concept, how SAST works, its types,...

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Vulnerabilities in Deep Learning

Deep Learning for vulnerability disclosure

In this blog post, we discuss an article from Boston University that presents new applications...

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Red Team Exercise

What is a Red Team exercise?

Here we give the reader a general context about what a Red Team does and the main strategy used...

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HealthTech Protection

How healthcare breakthroughs could help cybersecurity

In this blog post, we explore how simple yet incredibly effective healthcare practices could...

Person using a Syringe filled with bad stuff

Tainted Love

It's all about sanitization

This blog post provides a brief description of static and dynamic taint analysis or taint checking.

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Cryptojacking, a Real Malware?

Understanding cryptojacking "malware"

Here we'll explain the different types of cryptojacking and give an example. We'll also discuss...

Bookshelf with some books

Learning How to Code

A chat with Ricardo Yepes. Part 2

In this post, the second part of our interview with Ricardo Yepes, we address topics such as...

Bookshelf with some books

We Need More Training in Basics

A chat with Ricardo Yepes. Part 1.

We spoke to the DevOps engineer Ricardo Yepes recently, and he shared his current vision of...

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