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Fool the Machine

Trick neural network classifiers

You'll see how to create images that fool classifiers into thinking they see the wrong object...

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Roasting Kerberos

Attacking a DC using kerberoast

Windows Active Directory works using the Kerberos protocol, and in this blog post, we detail how...

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Big Code

Learning from open source

Here we'll see how DeepCode works. It has a lot of potential for identifying bugs in your code...

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Natural Code

Natural language processing for code security

In this blog post, we present the use of Natural Language Processing in bug finding and coding...


A Conflict of Interest?

You probably don’t see it.

In cybersecurity, there's plenty of opportunities for Conflicts of Interest to emerge. Here we...

Nicolás Acosta, CISO at Corona

Sensible About Cybersecurity

An interview with Nicolás A. CISO at Corona. Part II.

In the second part of our interview with Nicolás Acosta, he shared his perspective on risk...

New York City Skyline

Querier Writeup

How to solve HTB Querier

Here we explain how to use Querier's insecure configurations to gain system access, and how to...

Nicolás Acosta, CISO at Corona

Innovation More Understandable

Nicolás Acosta, CISO of Corona, shared his perspective on topics like artificial intelligence,...

People manipulation

Attacking the Weakest Link

Attacking without borders

Humans are and always will be the weakest link in security. Learn how to deal with these kinds...

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Risk Indicator Roundup

A matter of taste

Here we compare risk indicators used in quantitative finance, giving their pros and cons. Most...

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Preventing Hacks at CERN

A chat with Andrés Gómez

For this post, we spoke with Andrés Gómez, a former Fluid Attacks' member, who is researching to...

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Parse and Conquer

Why Asserts uses Parser combinators

For this blog post, we rely on the following question: Why does Asserts use parser combinators...

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