Person using a Syringe filled with bad stuff

Tainted Love

It's all about sanitization

This blog post provides a brief description of static and dynamic taint analysis or taint checking.

Depiction of a deep neural network. Credits:

Deep Hacking

Deep learning for vulnerability discovery

Here we describe the first systematic framework for using deep learning to detect...

The actual serial killer doll

The Anomaly Serial Killer Doll

Hunting missing checks with anomaly detection

Here we describe the system Chucky, which applies machine learning and natural language...

Screen showing source code

Exploiting Code Graphs

Mining graph representations for vulnerabilities

In this post, we introduce Yamaguchi's concept of code property graphs, how to traverse them,...

Can machines learn to hack?

Machine-Learning to Hack

Machine learning for vulnerability discovery

This post is a bird's eye view of machine learning techniques applied to vulnerability discovery...

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