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Do We Need a Purple Team?

Understanding Purple Teams

In this blog, we discuss the fundamentals of Purple Teams and possible ways to implement them in...

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Sastisfying App Security

An introduction to SAST

This blog post is an introduction to SAST. We share the concept, how SAST works, its types,...

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Red Team Exercise

What is a Red Team exercise?

Here we give the reader a general context about what a Red Team does and the main strategy used...

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Preventing Hacks at CERN

A chat with Andrés Gómez

For this post, we spoke with Andrés Gómez, a former Fluid Attacks' member, who is researching to...

Code on a screen

The Oracle of Code

About code as data

This blog post is a description of the code-as-data approach to source code analysis.

Man standing in mountain

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

About software composition analysis

Here we mainly develop a discussion on 'A9' of the OWASP Top 10: Using components with known...

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