Character evaluation

The next step in the selection process to join the Fluid Attacks team is taking a test that looks to quantify the four main strengths that we look for in a candidate. Our philosophy is based on putting together a very talented team in which ethics and respect are a priority, where we will work to better your strengths instead of trying to correct your weaknesses.

To continue with this step, we ask that you please follow the following instructions:

  1. Follow the link that will be sent to you via email once you finish the previous states. (Or follow this link.)

  2. Follow the instructions on screen.

  3. Once you are registered, you can take the test in eight minutes. There are 24 questions with a maximum of 20 seconds per question.

  4. Once you have finished the test, we will be able to see your four main strengths. Here are some suggestions for the test:

  • Once you start the test, it cannot be paused nor repeated.

  • Make sure no interruptions occur during the test.

  • Trust your instinct.

  • There are no wrong answers.

  • The test results are always your four main strengths.

If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Remember, the agility with which you finish each stage will be a variable taken into account when making our decision.

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