At Fluid Attacks, we are ready to employ diverse techniques that complement each other and constitute an effective package for identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


We offer you the SAST technique for rapid vulnerability detection at any stage of your Software Development Lifecycle. SAST is a form of white-box testing working on non-running software and is compatible with a diversity of programming languages.
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We provide you with the DAST technique for the identification of vulnerabilities in running applications. DAST is a form of black-box testing in which software weaknesses show a close connection to data, configuration, and business logic, no matter the programming language.
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We can perform Manual Penetration Testing (MPT) simulating real attacks to exploit security vulnerabilities that are difficult to identify by automatic methods. Through MPT, we can guarantee the reduction of rates of false positives and negatives achieved by machines.
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We have SCA among our techniques, a method for discovering cybersecurity risks related to open-source and third-party components you use in your software and systems. With SCA, we can inform you about licenses, versions, and security weaknesses in all these components. Go to SCA arrow


We possess certified hackers with the ability to deconstruct your software through the complex technique of Reverse Engineering (RE). RE mixes different methods and can give our hackers a broad understanding of your systems and applications' security to identify vulnerabilities.
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We offer you the PTaaS model that goes beyond traditional Pentesting. PTaaS joins our Continuous Hacking service and is supported by our vulnerability management platform. We provide you with constant comprehensive testing of your software, mixing manual and automatic operations.
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