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Felipe Ruiz

Towards an approach that engages more than SCA and SBOM

Understand what a comprehensive software supply chain security approach should aim at and why it is crucial to implement it during your company's SDLCs.

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Felipe Ruiz

Description and critique of CEH certifications

Here's a description and a critique of the CEH founded on the question, "Should the person who has this certification be called a 'certified ethical hacker'?"

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Felipe Ruiz

Recognize the value of this security assessment method

We took as a basis a question from Tribe of Hackers Red Team (2019) aimed at explaining the value of red teaming to those who're reluctant or unaware of it.

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Felipe Ruiz

A roadmap for developing and releasing secure software

CISA and other agencies published a guide encouraging organizations to offer their customers secure-by-design and secure-by-default products.

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The basics of cloud security posture management

Cloud security posture management involves vulnerability assessment, prioritization and remediation to secure cloud-based systems and infrastructures.

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Tips for choosing a vulnerability management solution

If you are still wondering what you should pay more attention to when choosing a vulnerability management solution, we recommend you read this blog post.

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Jason Chavarría

Definition, implementation, importance and alternatives

Learn about vulnerability remediation, its place and importance in vulnerability management, and differentiate it from vulnerability mitigation and acceptance.

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Felipe Ruiz

Keep tabs on this proposal from the Biden-Harris Admin

Learn about the cybersecurity strategy announced by the Biden-Harris Administration, specifically, the issues it aims to address and the pillars it is based on.

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Jason Chavarría

Vulnerability scanning and pentesting for a safer web

Learn how website and web app security scanning work, their role in vulnerability management, and why mix them with pentesting in vulnerability assessment.

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