product integrates


Integrates is constituted as a platform to control all the remediation processes in any stage of the software development lifecycle. This is a red team management tool for reporting all project findings in the different phases and in real time.

product skims


Skims is an automatic tool based on SAST and SCA techniques, which focuses on detecting superficial or peripheral vulnerabilities at high speed. At the same time, it can verify whether the vulnerabilities identified in a system have been successfully remediated.

product drills


All vulnerabilities and security issues are continuously detected and reported at high speed during the entire software development lifecycle. Drills performs ethical hacking of applications and infrastructure, along with source code analysis.

product forces


Forces is a precise and very fast robot, built to verify what is found in exact locations within the systems. It is designed for CI and has the goal of verifying the status (open or closed) of vulnerabilities, as well as breaking the build to force the remediation of open vulnerabilities.

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