Integrates is a platform which allows control of the vulnerability testing and remediation processes. In Integrates, every project stakeholder (e.g., developers, technicians, security analysts and managers) can interact and access information about all security issues and manage them. Through this platform, an internal or external security team communicates all security risks identified in a hacking project so that they can be remedied quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Key Benefits

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  • Security

    Know the security status and trends of your application.

  • Easy Collaboration

    Facilitate collaboration of all stakeholders to manage the vulnerabilities and reach a high fixing rate.

  • Detailed Information

    See the details of each detected vulnerability.

  • Prioritization

    Have a through priorization of security risks for their timely remediation.

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  • Integrates

    Facilitates the executive control of processes via the Integrates-App (on Android and iOS) by providing crucial information on the vulnerability remediation rate on your tested systems.

  • API's

    Integrate our app with your existing products using a common query language for modern API's (GraphQL).

  • Treatments

    Request verification of treatments and documentation from your security team.

  • Communication

    Establish quick communication with, and receive important notifications from, our team (when you purchase Drills).

Key Features

System Indicators and Status Graphs

Integrates provides you with information about the current security status of all your company’s applications such as: 1) the number of security vulnerabilities identified; 2) the current threat level that those vulnerabilities pose to your organization, and 3) the vulnerabilities that have already been remediated.

Vulnerability Description

Through Integrates you will have access to the visualization of all vulnerabilities found as well as information about their current status, location, type and severity of the threat, identification/reporting date, evolution, and recommendations on how to eliminate them.

Vulnerability Prioritization and Documentation

Integrates helps you determine which vulnerabilities require immediate attention based on parameters including: age, severity, status (open/closed) and resolution options (accepted/new/in progress/indefinitely accepted). After a vulnerability has been remediated you can ask Fluid Attacks for documentation.

Continuous Integration Control

Integrates allows you to monitor what is happening in the Continuous Integration pipeline. You can check at any time what has been found in your tested system, as well as all information related to the use of Forces (Fluid Attacks' product). Forces works on the information provided by Integrates about the state of the vulnerabilities found, and from that, it breaks the build if required.

Compromised Records and Real-Time Events

The Compromised Records function within Integrates shows your company information such as names, identifiers, balances, products, etc., that would be vulnerable to a security breach in a real attack. All events that inhibit the testing can also be viewed in Integrates in real time.

Chat With Us + Email Notification

When Drills (Fluid Attacks' product) is purchased, Fluid Attacks will provide continuous support via chat and email to the development team in order to help them reach high remediation rates.

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Integrates is part of our Continuous Hacking service, which will enable you to achieve high vulnerability remediation rates

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