R301. Notify configuration changes


The system must notify the users whenever their authentication details or other security settings are changed.


Most systems allow their users to modify relevant information, such as access credentials and contact data. Users should be notified whenever any of these or other security settings are modified, as it could be a part of several types of attacks, e.g., account takeover attacks.


  1. CWE-620: Unverified Password Change When setting a new password for a user, the product does not require knowledge of the original password, or using another form of authentication.

  2. NIST 800-53 AC-2 (4) The information system automatically audits account creation, modification, enabling, disabling, and removal actions, and notifies [Assignment: organization-defined personnel or roles].

  3. OWASP-ASVS v4.0.1 V2.2 General Authenticator Requirements.(2.2.3) Verify that secure notifications are sent to users after updates to authentication details, such as credential resets, email or address changes, logging in from unknown or risky locations.

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