Skims is Fluid Attacks’ SAST/SCA tool in charge of searching and detecting superficial or peripheral vulnerabilities in your IT systems through an easy, accurate, and fast execution. Skims can be part of your entire SDLC and send real-time reports of its findings to our Integrates platform, where you can stay informed and make essential and prompt decisions. Beyond the early identification of multiple weaknesses in your code, Skims can also automatically verify if they have been successfully remediated, guaranteeing that you have a much more secure, high-quality system before going into production.

Key Benefits

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  • Location

    Reveals the exact location (i.e., line of code) and severity of each finding.

  • Accuracy

    Produces low rates of false positives.

  • Integration

    Can be easily integrated into the CI/CD pipelines of your whole SDLC.

  • Feedback

    Provides your developers with real-time feedback about the security of what they are currently building.

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  • Tracking

    Tracks remediation, confirming when each vulnerability has been effectively closed.

  • Improvement

    Allows you to improve your applications' security without slowing down the development speed in your company.

  • Complementation

    Perfectly complements the other Fluid Attacks products to optimize your IT systems’ security within a DevSecOps approach.

Key Features

Different targets

Performs exhaustive analyses on portions of code or on ready-to-deploy applications to detect certain security weaknesses.

Simultaneous scanning

Scans code as it is written by developers, saving time in fixing security-related flaws.

High speed

Finds peripheral or superficial vulnerabilities at high speed in 100% of the code.


Reports vulnerabilities on the Integrates platform in real time.


Provides evidence of closure for each repaired weakness.


Contributes to the security of your DevOps with automated SAST/SCA.

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Skims is part of our Continuous Hacking service, which will enable you to achieve high vulnerability remediation rates

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