Operational Technology (OT) contrasts with Information Technology (IT) because, although both use hardware and software, the former monitors the industrial physical processes, equipment and infrastructure, while the latter controls the storage and data flow. OT is related to industrial control systems (ICS), among which we find supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems as one of the most commonly used.

It is in these types of systems, which collect data from sensors and send it to central systems, that we perform security testing at Fluid Attacks, considering the possible risks that your company may face related to the connection between OT and IT networks with the Internet. The OT security testing by our ethical hackers involves mainly the DAST and the Manual Pentesting techniques. Our network and system assessments can be critical in preventing malicious hackers from impacting OT environments and jeopardizing not only industrial organizations’ productivity and efficacy but also, and more importantly, workers’ and perhaps even customers’ safety.

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