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Fluid Attacks is growing every day!

Since 2001, Fluid Attacks has been developing technology focused on cybersecurity, offering ethical hacking and pentesting services to companies in the banking, financial, technology, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and airline industries, among others. Fluid Attacks has a team of 70 security analysts in San Francisco, CA, Bogotá, and Medellín (Colombia). They implement more than 200 projects a year and help their clients to manage their cybersecurity risks and certify that their systems, which are critical to their operations, are safe for their users.

Fluid Attacks' team of security experts specializes in continuous hacking on applications, infrastructure, and source code, covering all stages of software development. Fluid Attacks' team ensures that vulnerabilities in organizations' systems are recognized, with no false positives or negatives. With Fluid Attacks' products, the clients can obtain high remediation vulnerability rates, all this at DevOps speed. Besides, Fluid Attacks has its technology to support the work of the hacking team with automated attack processes, and to allow the client —this through the Integrates platform— to manage the projects and control the remediation processes in any of the phases.

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