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Battle Tendency

Most relevant IT investments in 2019

In this article, we discuss our research into the most relevant investments and budgets related...

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Sastisfying App Security

An introduction to SAST

This blog is an introduction to the static application security test (SAST). It will provide the...

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Red Team exercise

What is a Red Team exercise?

This blog will provide information on a Red Team exercise. It will give the reader a general...

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Cryptojacking, a Real Malware?

Understanding cryptojacking "malware"

Here we'll explain the different types of cryptojacking and give an example. We'll also discuss...

Computer with do what is great sign.

Git on steroids

From messy logs to Data Analytics

Learn why it is important and how to define a Git commit message syntax and use real-time commit...

Cucumber lot

Gherkin on steroids

How to document detailed attack vectors

How to use Gherkin to document attack vectors in vulnerable applications using more advanced...

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Is Your App in a Pickle?

Documenting vulnerabilities with gherkin

Gherkin can be used for documentation and automated testing. Here we focus on its basics and how...

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