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Regarding the portfolio, we are in the process of creating a document that best fits with what is described here. This deliverable is imperative for our selection process.

We pretend that the candidate can present their best academic and/or professional achievements in this document.

We remind you that the objectives of the portfolio are:

  • Evidence the candidates capacity to achieve concrete and outstanding results.

  • Demonstrate the candidates interest in joining the company.

  • See the alignment between the results expected by the company and the results the candidate can achieve.

Here are the requirements for the document:

  1. The portfolio must be delivered in a PDF format through the application form. However, in this case you can build it and send it in an email at

  2. This document is different from your CV.

  3. The portfolio must have at least 5 achievements Between personal, professional and academic. Each one must be explained in at most 1 page.

    • Designs/Diagrams (network, data, class, circuits, etc).

    • Code examples.

    • Documentation.

  4. The portfolio can present achievements in different categories (source code, designs, documentation, etc).

  5. The portfolio must respect copyrights:

    • Quoting relevant sources.

    • Hiding the relation between the result and the organization it was created for.

    • Reproducing only part of the achievement in order to prevent it’s inadequate use.

  6. The portfolio may follow the guidelines for design portfolios that apply to simple engineering assignments:

    • Simple

    • Interesting

    • Easy to read

    • Only your best results

The purpose of this document is to assess your ability to express yourself, synthesize ideas and capture our attention.

Failure to complete these instructions would evidence difficulty to follow instructions or little interest in the Fluid Attacks process and for this reason the process will be terminated immediately.

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