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In the financial sector, Fluid Attacks' customers comprise some of the most important banks in Latin America. Some of our customers are Bancolombia, BBVA, Davivienda, Sura, Protección, Colpatria among others.

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Fluid Attacks has provided innovative problem-solving to some of the largest communication services companies in Colombia, such as Claro, Tigo UNE, ETB, Edatel, among others.


Fluid Attacks has worked with a wide variety of companies involved in retail activities, E-Commerce, textiles, and technology solutions whose shared goal is providing excellent customer service to their consumers. Some of these companies are Grupo Éxito, Grupo Uribe, Rappi, Semana, and the Australian company, The Missing Link.

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Fluid Attacks has worked with companies that offer software, infrastructure, and other technology solutions to their customers, in a wide range of applications. Some of our customers in this area have been PSL, S4N, Arus, Ceiba, the American companies Cre8tive, KometSales and VM2020, and the Spanish company Indra.


In the energy sector, Fluid Attacks has executed projects in companies involved in generation, distribution, and selling such as Celsia, as well as, planning, designing and managing transactional systems, such as XM.

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Fluid Attacks has assisted several manufacturers and other companies in the industrial sector in their software security and infrastructure security needs. Some of these customers are Grupo Argos, Manuelita, Corona, Cadena and Odinsa.


Fluid Attacks has worked with transportation giants like Avianca and F2X to ensure that their applications and web platforms provide the best in security protection for their users.

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