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With over 18 years of experience in the Colombian market, Fluid Attacks is a company focused on information security, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and vulnerabilities detection in applications. We have worked with the following companies in the communications sector.


The Colombian companies, Telmex and Comcel merged to form Claro Colombia, owned by the Mexican group América Móvil. The 2012 merger made Claro Colombia the largest provider of mobile phone services in Colombia. Claro Colombia also provides landline telephone services and internet, as well as television services.


Edatel is a public service corporation whose primary purpose is the organization, administration, and provision of telecommunications services, information technology, and all supplemental activities.


ETB, the Telecommunications Company of Bogotá, is one of the principal telecommunications companies in Colombia providing local, long-distance, and cellular telephone services. In addition, ETB provides satellite and internet services, as well as other related services which contribute to the strengthening of an information society within the framework of corporate social responsibility.


Internexa is a Colombian company providing networks and services to telecommunication operators. It operates an optical fiber network connecting countries throughout Latin America. Internexa also offers connectivity infrastructure and data transport services, access to the world-wide-web, tailored information technology products, data network management support, network security, and audio/video communication.

Tigo UNE

Tigo UNE is a Colombian company that provides integrated telecommunications services. Tigo UNE is a shareholder in the Millicom Group and the EPM Group. Hand-in-hand with its subsidiary companies, including Colombia Móvil, Edatel, and Orbitel, UNE covers more than 70% of Colombia’s urban population. It operates in 767 municipalities in the 32 departments of Colombia.

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