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With over 18 years of experience in the Colombian market, Fluid Attacks is a company focused on information security, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and vulnerabilities detection in applications. We have worked with the following companies in the consumer sector.

Éxito Group

Éxito Group, a Colombian multinational company, with over 2600 stores, is the largest retail company in South America. Its subsidiaries include, in Colombia, Grupo Éxito, in Brazil the Pão de Açúcar Group, in Uruguay the Disco and Devoto Groups, and in Argentina, Libertad.

Grupo Uribe

Grupo Uribe is a Colombian textile company. Founded in 1907 by John Uribe it is still a family-owned and operated business. Grupo Uribe produces, for the Colombian and Caribbean market, international brands such as Chevignon, Naf Naf, Americanino, Esprit, Rifle, American Eagle, Mother Care, American Brands, LBT, among others. Their business also includes the wholesale distribution of piece and yard goods made of natural and manmade fibers.

Logo Uribe


Rappi is a Colombian e-commerce company, founded in Bogotá in 2015. The company’s mobile app lets users order a wide variety of products and services. Products ordered include groceries, drugs from pharmacies, and as of January 2019, Avon Products' beauty and personal care items. Rappi’s mobile app services also include letting users send cash to another person or enable a courier to withdraw money from their bank account via an ATM and have it delivered.


Semana is a media group comprised of Colombian magazines with the largest circulations and greatest influence in Colombian society. Semana brings different topics of national interest to public attention. In addition, it offers its services to companies and/or State entities to assist them in publishing their own magazines.


Sodimac is a retail company operating a chain of home improvement stores offering a wide variety of construction, home improvement, and garden products, along with appliances, tools, hardware, furniture, and home decor. An omnichannel retailer, Sodimac uses traditional advertising methods integrated with interactive channels (websites, email offers, social media messaging, cellphone searches, etc.) to expand their advertising reach. Omnichannel also promotes excellent customer service by facilitating faster and more efficient communication between customers, retailers, and brand-name companies.

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