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With over 18 years of experience in the Colombian market, Fluid Attacks is a company focused on information security, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and vulnerabilities detection in applications. We have worked with the following companies in the utilities sector.


Celsia is a power company operating a network of 21 hydroelectric and 5 thermoelectric power plants, and a wind farm. Celsia transmits, distributes and sells electricity throughout Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama serving 580,000 residential, commercial and industrial users.


Internexa is a Colombian company providing networks and services to telecommunication operators. It operates an optical fiber network connecting countries throughout Latin America. Internexa also offers connectivity infrastructure and data transport services, access to the world-wide-web, tailored information technology products, data network management support, network security, and audio/video communication.


XM specializes in the management of real-time systems. XM plans, designs, optimizes, commissions, operates and manages transactional systems and technology platforms involving information exchange regarding added value in goods and services markets.

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