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Fluid Attacks is a company focused on information security, ethical hacking, penetration testing and vulnerabilities detection in applications with over 18 years of experience in the Colombian market. In this page we present our contributions to the technological sector.


Company that delivers integrated information, technology and knowledge solutions, with a team of experts committed to the needs of organizations. Resource integrator, focused on delivering a secure platform to make social security payments through its platform SuAporte, meeting the needs in an agile, timely and reliable manner.

Ceiba Software

Company with 9 years in the market and 185 engineers, specialized in the construction and integration of software solutions in various technologies. They seek to generate greater value in the business of their clients by managing projects under agile methodologies combining three fundamental elements: Solid technical capacity, various software tools and Knowledge in industry verticals.


Service company focused on the health industry, born from a vision of developing a comprehensive solution capable of connecting all its participants. Its market is made up of all those organizations that aim to provide a health service to the population; whether they are public entities, private medicine companies, providers, cooperatives, trade unions and insurers.


USA Flag Trusted business partner with more than 10 year of experience supporting manufacturing best practices giving our customers a competitive advantage in your industry. They help Aerospace & Defense, Furniture & Fixtures, Fabricated Metals and many other companies avoid the turbulence with industry-specific manufacturing ERP software that keeps you flexible and lean.


Company with extensive knowledge in all sectors of the industry, with experience in the main companies in Latin America and the USA; Relations with leading technology suppliers in the world such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Saba, CA, SAP, among others. Head office in Bogotá, Colombia, with offices in seven cities of the country and branches in Latin America and the United States. They comply with the ISO 9001: 2000 standard and are valued with the highest level of quality of the CMMI Level 5, version 1.3 processes.


Spain Flag One of the leading global technology and consulting companies for key business operations. World leading provider of proprietary solutions in specific segments of the Transportation and Defense markets, and the leading company in Information Technology in Spain and Latin America.


Organization with a presence in the Latin American and Spanish markets, recognized for delivering solutions and integral services based on state-of-the-art technology, focused on contributing to the digital transformation of organizations. It has an important trajectory in the market, thanks to the positioning that it has been obtaining for more than 20 years of service.


USA Flag Web platform for the flower industry that simplifies and automates sales, purchasing and logistics processes. We provide the necessary tools to simplify daily operations, connecting the main industry partners and also providing peace of mind and confidence to our customers.


Organization that offers digital solutions to meet the needs of companies. Currently with offices in Bogota, Medellin and Cali, integrated by a staff of professionals composed of creative and engineers. The portfolio consists of: Software Factory, Process Automation and Integration, Digital Agency, Portals and CERO.


Organization worldwide recognized for the adoption of the best existing Software Engineering practices in the world. The company has two major business lines: Products and Services, among which it offers consulting, development and maintenance of software and outsourcing services (web, mobile, mission critical).


Technology company dedicated to transforming the way in which each of its clients operates, implementing software solutions that overcome business challenges and have an absolute focus on the creation of value. Technology service providers that seek to transform organizations and improve people’s lives by taking advantage of technologies and new trends.


USA Flag Organization with technology in the areas of Disaster Recovery and Cybernetic Resistance. With VM2020 you can increase preparedness levels, validate response plans to incidents in real conditions, align business continuity and cyber practices, comply with compliance requirements and obtain reliable and predictable recovery times.

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