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We will arrange the event date. You must provide us 3 possible schedules for the event, and we will select 1.


  1. Investment: 0 $USD, Fluid Attacks will cover all the related costs, except for the place and time of the assistants. If the minimum number of assistants is not fulfilled, the event will have a cost, that must be covered by the company, and communicated to Fluid Attacks.

  2. Material: All event material will be sent only to the assistants who complete the satisfaction survey 1 day after the conference.


Below we list the minimum requirements to carry out the conference without any setbacks:

  1. All the assistants MUST complete an online satisfaction survey (2 minutes) before leaving the auditorium.

  2. Fluid Attacks CAN invite up to 4 additional assistants to the event.

  3. Event assistants MUST NOT use cellphones nor laptops during the time of the conference.

  4. All assistants MUST be previously notified about the event, so they can voluntary decide whether to assist or not.

  5. The speaker MUST enter the auditorium 30 minutes before the beginning of the event to connect the equipment, test WiFi connectivity and start the conference at the scheduled time.

  6. Access to Google Drive via WiFi: The presentation has animations and videos that can only be accessed if the laptop is connected to a network that allows access to Google Drive.

  7. Video beam with aspect ratio 16:9.

  8. HDMI cable connected directly to the video beam from the speaker laptop (without VGA adapters).

  9. Do not include assistants remotely. The conference is very dynamic and hence, it depends on the face to face interaction with the attendance.

  10. If the conference is part of an event with more speakers, it must be scheduled before the last speaker of the morning session.

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