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Partners facilitate the delivery of our services to the end customer in different geographies (Germany 1, Australia 2 and the United States 3 4) and sectors (Government, Defense) 5. In addition, with our offer, they complete their own portfolio (functional testing 6 7, software development) to provide an integral solution. If you want to become a partner of Fluid Attacks please start by reading the terms of our general partner agreement.

Arroyo Consulting

USA Flag Agile nearshore information technology development firm formed in 2009. They have offices located in the United States and low-cost operation centers located across Latin America in Mexico City, Mexico, and Medellín and Bogotá, Colombia. They have successfully delivered over 1000 projects internationally, with partners in a variety of industries and sectors.


Colombian company pioneer in software testing created in 1999 with international projection, which offers services related to software testing to reduce the risks of its operation. The success of the services provided by the organization are based on research and qualified human resources, supported by a certified and effective methodology.


Company that provides information security services, forensics and technologies consulting. By aligning legal and technical concepts, support is given to litigation, administrative investigations and consultancy to the areas of compliance in topics such as: competence, protection of personal data and intellectual property.

Evolution IT

Company that promotes, implements and strengthens the effective management of information technology as a pillar of companies to improve their competitiveness through better quality services, which help increase their profitability, employing world-class practices and establishing relationships of trust with customers, business partners and collaborators.

Gamma Ingenieros

Colombian company focused on satisfying their customer needs over IT services and solutions, consulting and auditing of construction works and telecommunications, generating confidence and improving the customer experience


Company focused on software testing, such as performance tests, tests on different mobile devices and tests automation throughout the life cycle of product development with 15 years of experience lending its services.


Colombian company dedicated to provide services and solutions in IT, a pioneer in the field of information technology, with more than 20 years of experience. Its objective is to plan, establish, implement, operate, review, maintain, and improve technological management within a framework of security, service, support and support according to the needs of each organization.


USA Flag Partner firm focused on obtaining rapid sales while laying the foundation for sustained business growth, giving advise and helping to implement what is needed to efficiently succeed in the target market(s) both in the short and long-term. SBA services include marketing, sales, operational support, and capital fundraising.


Germany Flag German company specialized in software development and services in the field of virtual product development. Experts in automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries fields, offering specific solutions and standardized products regarding development, simulation and quality assurance as well as services and consulting in product development engineering.

Australia Flag Australian provider of information technology solutions, provide services for infrastructure, security, backup, disaster recovery, communications and cloud services. Recognized as a leader industry and accredited with the highest levels in design, delivery and support of the latest technologies.


Peru Flag Peruvian provider of technological solutions, focused on designing value propositions aligned to the strategic objectives of your company and the management of the IT area services. They seek to improve the IT services impact, focused on the insights of each customer, and searching a continuous growth, delivering a simple, escalable and convergent solution.

If you agree the terms and wish to start the bonding process as a partner, please proceed through the following contact form .

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