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Defends is a set of detailed procedures that allows you to develop secure applications, securely configure technological components, and fix security vulnerabilities found and reported by us. The instructions explain each procedure step-by-step using screenshots and annotated snippets of code. The complete code examples are easily downloadable and compilable. With Defends you can remediate the reported vulnerabilities in the shortest possible time.

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Develop safely

Build secure applications following our guidelines for different programming languages.

Secure applications

Configure your servers properly

For us, it is important that your information is well-protected from possible attackers. For that reason, Defends explains how to properly configure both web servers as well as applications.

Set up user roles in your system

We teach you how to configure different user roles according to their function within the organization.

User role
Download Code

Download our sample code

All our sample material is available for download and is documented step-by-step so that you can run it on your computer and perform tests according to project needs.

Resources and guidelines updates

We guarantee our guides and resources are up-to-date in terms of security, which means your applications will be more secure as well.


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