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One-Shot Hacking

The One Shot Hacking service aims to detect and report all vulnerabilities and security issues within one specific version of your application. The rigorous inspection carried out by our team allows us to detect all existing security issues with no false positives.

Testing techniques

It’s possible to perform source code, application or infrastructure Ethical Hacking. Customers are able to choose which testing technique suits best their needs regarding each system requiring security assessment.

Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking Scope


Ethical Hacking can be done to achieve specific coverage, variable coverage or full coverage.

Specific coverage refers to a system where its overall size can be assessed (application fields, lines of code, open ports) and the customer chooses to cover only a specific percentage of the system.

Variable coverage refers to a system where its overall size cannot be assessed and specific scope is predefined (fixed number of application fields, lines of code or open ports). Testing ends when the target size is achieved, regardless of the total size the system has.

Full coverage refers to a system where its overall size can be assessed (application fields, lines of code, open ports) and the customer chooses to cover the entire system.


Customers are able to decide which security requirements will be tested on each Ethical Hacking (Profiling) through our Rules product

Customers will know the exact Ethical Hacking strictness for each test (For inspected and non-inspected profiled requirements).

Ethical Hacking Security Criteria
Ethical Hacking estimated time


Depending on system size, a typical Ethical hacking lasts between 1 and 4 months.

Inspection Cycles

One-shot Ethical hacking seeks to test a single version on your application therefore it has only one inspection cycle on the selected system.

Ethical Hacking inspection cycles
Ethical Hacking follow up

Follow up

Each project will have a project manager, so customers can express their needs before, during and after execution.

Scheduled ethical hacking

After all requirements to start an Ethical hacking have been met, each test will have a defined start and finishing date.

Scheduled Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking testing evironments

Testing environments

Customers are able to choose one testing environment from their available software environments (production, development, integration, etc.)

Highly trained hacking team

Our hackers are certified in practical hacking in real scenarios, they also have security related studies, they are able to perform manual testing and also use tools to guarantee the reporting of several types of findings including those with specific business impact, those regarding insecure programming practices, and those regarding standard alignment and security regulation compliance, enabling us to detect Zero Day findings, all with no false positives reports.

Ethical Hacking team
Ethical Hacking exploitation


As long as we have access to deployed applications and customer authorization, using our own exploitation engine Asserts.

Critical information extraction

Whenever findings allow the extraction of information, all compromised records are extracted to maximize finding impact and compromise sensible information. Example.

Ethical Hacking compromised records
Ethical Hacking Infection


Whenever findings allow it, infrastructure gets infected with malicious files in order to get additional information, infect servers and verify network controls. We use Shells and our customized cyberweapon Commands with previous customer authorization.

Daily progress reports

Daily progress reports are sent via e-mail, report include coverage, strictness, partial result and overall progress.

Ethical Hacking Progress reports
Ethical Hacking findings

Finding follow up using Integrates

Customers can check out finding status during project execution using our Integrates product.


Customers can use our detailed remediation guides via Defends.

Ethical Hacking Finding Remediation
Ethical Hacking information interchange

Reports delivered by secure vault

Final report versions along with all evidences gathered are delivered to customers using a secure file transfer website.

Validation meeting

Each Ethical Hacking test includes a meeting with customer’s technical team to validate reports. If there are any observations these are addressed. Meeting take place remotely.

Ethical Hacking report validation
Ethical Hacking validation meeting

Report presentation meeting

Formal executive report presentation meeting, where all project stakeholders can take part of it. It can take place personally or remotely according to customer’s need.

Information gets deleted securely

7 days after customer’s final report approval all information gathered during Ethical Hacking is deleted securely from all our systems.

Ethical Hacking evidence deletion
Ethical Hacking retest

Remediation validation

Up to 3 months after final report approval, customers can request a remediation validation cycle to check if findings originally reported were correctly repaired. In order to arrange this, customer must provide system access and share final reports once again. In remediation cycle system does not get tested for new vulnerabilities.

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