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Our blog articles seek to cover different topics related to security and/or topics of interest in the world of IT, they can also reflect the author’s opinion about a specific issue related to security. If you want to collaborate and you do not have a topic clear, in this section we give you ideas and once they are covered by an article we update the #TrendingTopics list. Among the topics of interest are:


  • Beast attack.

  • Poodle sslv3.

  • Poodle tls.

  • Hearblead attack.

  • Simple cracking of non-reversible keys.

  • Cracking with rainbow tables.

  • Web shells without collateral effects.


  • API throttling.

  • Recommended hashing function.

  • Recommended asymmetric encryption function.

  • Recommended symmetric encryption function.

  • How to stop effectively a ddos without proxies.


  • Immutable infrastructure.

  • Red team.

  • Blue team.

  • Purple team.


  • Misra Standard.

  • Bearer authentication.

  • SOAP Basic authentication.

  • SOAP Digest authentication.

  • Correctness by Construction (CbyC).

  • Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).

  • Comprehensive Software Development Model.

  • Lightweight Application Security Process (CLASP).

  • TSP-Secure (Team Software Process for Secure SW/Dev).

  • CoSMo ―Conceptual Security Modeling.

  • UMLSec.


  • Bitcoin blockchain security issues.

  • Ethereum security issues.

  • Stellar security issues.

  • Machine learning for vulnerabilities searching.

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