Forces can be included as part of a continuous integration pipeline. It constitutes an essential element for the implementation of DevSecOps in projects. Thus, any changes to the Target of Evaluation (ToE) can be continuously tested against the closing of confirmed vulnerabilities. Forces can be included in CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) environments as a security gate, and performs Dynamic and Static Application Security Testing (DAST - SAST) and dynamic testing of many protocols (DXST).

Key Benefits

Key Features

Break the Build for Confirmed Vulnerabilities

Through Forces, you can interrupt your deployment processes — aka break the build — in cases where the detected vulnerabilities (without false positives) that you do not accept in your systems are still open, in other words, have not yet been remediated.

Easy Integration With Any CI System

Forces can be easily incorporated into any Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) system to act as a security gate, allowing everything that goes into production to be free of the vulnerabilities you decide to remediate.


Forces can perform Dynamic and Static Application Security Testing (DAST - SAST), as well as dynamic testing of many protocols (DXST), directly in your CI environment, all this without increasing the integration times in your systems.

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