Integrates is a communication platform where all project stakeholders (e.g., developers, technicians, security analysts and managers) can interact, and can also access information about all security issues and manage them. Through Integrates, an internal or external security team communicates all security risks identified in a hacking project so that they can be remedied quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Key Benefits

The Integrates platform will allow you to:

Key Features

Project Indicators and Status Graphs

Integrates provides you information about the current status of your project such as: 1) the number of security vulnerabilities identified; 2) the current threat level that those vulnerabilities pose to your organization, and 3) the vulnerabilities that have already been remediated.

Vulnerability Description

Through Integrates you have available the visualization of the vulnerabilities found and information about their current status, location, type and severity of the threat (according to CVSS), identification/reporting date, evolution, and recommendations on how to eliminate them. Access real-time indicators and automated reports.

Vulnerability Prioritization and Documentation

Integrates helps you determine which vulnerabilities require immediate attention based on parameters including: Age; Severity; Status (Open/Closed), and Resolution options (Accepted/New/In Progress/Indefinitely Accepted). After a vulnerability has been remediated you can ask FA for documentation.

Forces and Exploitation-Animation

Within Integrates, Forces (Fluid Attacks' service) displays the diagnostic script used to expose, or exploit, a security vulnerability. This same script can also be used to verify that your company’s solution to a particular problem has been successful. In addition, with the Exploitation-Animation option, you can view through a gif an animated representation of the process used to exploit a vulnerability.

Compromised Records and Real-Time Events

In Integrates, Compromised Records shows your company information such as names, identifiers, balances, products, etc., that would be vulnerable to a security breach in a real attack. All events that inhibit the testing can also be viewed in Integrates in real-time.

Chat with Us + Email Notification

When Drills (Fluid Attacks' service) is purchased, Fluid Attacks will provide a private forum where your company and Fluid Attacks can post messages about any relevant aspect of the project. To ensure that the client company receives timely communication, an email notification is also sent when a response to a client message has been posted. Email notifications are sent about changes made to the vulnerabilities, comments made about them, and variations in their status.

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