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REQ.079 Record exact occurrence time of events

This document contains the details of the security requirements related to the definition and management of Logs and events. This requirement establishes the importance of recording all relevant time parameters in order to detect the exact moment of occurrence of a security event.


System must log the exact occurrence time (date, hour, seconds, milliseconds, and time zone) for each exceptional and security event.


Event logs must contain the exact detail of occurrence in order to allow backtracking in an investigation.


  1. Once defined all the events to be logged, it must be configured that these logs contain the date, hour, seconds, milliseconds, and time zone of the event occurrence.


In a security incident scenario, event occurrence cannot be clearly identified due to the lack of detail in event logs.


  • Layer: Application Layer

  • Asset: Logs

  • Scope: Responsibility

  • Phase: Operation

  • Type of Control: Procedure


  1. OWASP - CodeReview-Error-Handling.

  2. OWASP - Proactive Controls.

  3. OWASP - Exception Handling.

  4. CWE - Insufficient logging.

  5. OWASP-ASVS v3.1-8.3 Verify that each log event includes necessary information that would allow for a detailed investigation of the timeline when an event happens.

  6. OWASP-ASVS v3.1-8.13 Time sources should be synchronized to ensure logs have the correct time.

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