CEH is a professional certification by the International Electronic Commerce Council (EC-Council). This council certifies professionals in the security discipline of ethical hacking. It is unaffiliated with any commercial entity and is considered independent and impartial.

The Certified Red Teaming Expert (CRTE) is a fully hands-on certification given by the Pentester Academy. This certification guarantees a person with the expertise to assess the security of an unknown Windows infrastructure and recognize misconfigurations and abuses.

The CDP credential validates the practical expertise to understand, implement and manage the DevSecOps program in an organization. A CDP can assess the current state of DevSecOps, embed security as part of DevOps, manage vulnerabilities and improve the overall Maturity Level.

OSCE is a certification focused on advanced penetration testing skills, created by Offensive Security. In an intense 48-hour exam, the professionals prove they can develop exploits, execute attacks, and obtain administrative access. OSCEs can think outside the box and perform with persistence, even under pressure.

OSCP is a professional certification in ethical hacking developed by Offensive Security. It is the first fully hands-on offensive information security certification in the world. It requires the professionals to prove that they have a clear understanding of the penetration testing process and lifecycle through an arduous 24-hour exam.

OSWE is a certification designed to demonstrate the ability to exploit web apps, which is recommended to be obtained after OSCP. In a 48-hour exam within an isolated VPN, professionals assess and attack different web apps and operating systems. They must prove their skills by identifying vulnerabilities and then exploiting them.

OSWP is the only professional certification in practical wireless attacks in the security field today. In a hands-on exam, an OSWP must prove they have the skills to do 802.11 wireless audits using open source tools.

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