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Cybersecurity as Strategy

Strategize with cybersecurity and avoid losses

A recently published article calls to elevate cybersecurity from operational to a strategic...

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"No, We Won't Get Hacked!"

And, "of course, I can always protect my company."

In cybersecurity, optimism bias and overconfidence can have pervasive consequences. I discuss...

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My Favorite Password: '123456'

You could be a victim of Credential Stuffing

I wrote this post to give you an overview of the Credential Stuffing attack and some short...

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HEVD: Local Privilege Escalation

Local Privilege Escalation

In this article we will be able to perform a Local Privilege Escalation using an exploit to HEVD

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Bypassing OS protections

In this article we will defeat some protections using several techniques for exploting HackSys...

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HEVD: Denial of Service

How to crash Windows

This article will be the first approach to start exploting HackSys Extremely Vulnerable Driver...

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Windows Kernel Exploitation: Lab

Getting in the deeps of the OS

This post will guide you to setup a lab environment for start exploiting Windows Kernel drivers

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A Recent OSCE in Our Team

A short interview with Andres Roldan

We spoke with Andres Roldan, our Offensive Team Leader, who recently obtained his OSCE...

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TRUN: Exploiting with ROP

Exploiting Vulnserver with ROP

This post will show how to create a complete, functional exploit creating a complex shellcode using ROP

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Bypassing DEP with ROP

Running instructions by reference

This post will show how bypass the Data Execution Prevention security mechanism using...

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Understanding DEP

Let's protect the stack

This post will show how the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) security mechanism works and what...

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A Journey to OSCE

A personal OSCE experience

This post will describe the journey that I took to earn the OSCE certification.

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