Posts by Andres Roldan

Andres is red team leader at Fluid Attacks with more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity. He holds over 20 certifications in offensive security.

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Andres Roldan

A Certified Red Team Lead (CRTL) Review

In this post we review the RTO-2 course and CRTL certification offered by Zero-Point Security.

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Andres Roldan

A Black Hat talk follow up

We will take a brief understanding at DirectX, a new attack surface on Hyper-V

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Andres Roldan

Cross-process memory patching with Python

We will take AMSI bypass to another level by using cross-process memory injection.

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Andres Roldan

Dynamic in-memory AMSI bypass

In this article we will be able to bypass AMSI using memory patching.

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Andres Roldan

Replicating CVE-2021-3156 with AFL

In this article we will be able to reproduce the bug described on CVE-2021-3156 using fuzzing.

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Andres Roldan

Local Privilege Escalation

In this article we will be able to perform a Local Privilege Escalation using an exploit to HEVD.

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Andres Roldan

Bypassing OS protections

In this article we will defeat some protections using several techniques for exploting HackSys Extremely Vulnerable Driver

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Andres Roldan

How to crash Windows

This article will be the first approach to start exploting HackSys Extremely Vulnerable Driver with a Denial of Service

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Andres Roldan

Getting in the deeps of the OS

This post will guide you to setup a lab environment for start exploiting Windows Kernel drivers.

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