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Julian is chief experience officer at Fluid Attacks. He has a background in behavioral science and more than six years of experience in cybersecurity.

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Julian Arango

Focus on what is being more exploited

It is just a matter of updating or changing software. However, unnoticed vulnerable software equals an open door for criminals.

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Julian Arango

Strategize with cybersecurity and avoid losses

A recently published article calls to elevate cybersecurity from operational to a strategic asset. Here we discuss some insights from the paper.

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Julian Arango

And, "of course, I can always protect my company."

In cybersecurity, optimism bias and overconfidence can have pervasive consequences. I discuss them in this post.

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Julian Arango

More realistic cybersecurity predictions

Earlier, we criticized some 'trends' in cybersecurity. Now, we discuss why some cybersecurity predictions for 2020 seem plausible and others undeniably real.

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Julian Arango

A chat with Daniel Correa

We had the pleasure of chatting with Daniel Correa, a Security Expert who shared his views on current threats, human factors in cybersecurity, and technology.

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Julian Arango

Fear will drive cybersecurity spending. Dear lord...

In this post, we review some cybersecurity trends published online. We discuss why it is a good idea to be wary of many of these predictions.

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Julian Arango

Uber cuts $120 million after discovering ad fraud...

Here we conclude our review of 'Measuring the cost of cybercrime' by focusing, among other things, on ad fraud, which appears to be a bit underrated.

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Julian Arango

Impact of cybercrime today portrays a new landscape

In 2012, the study ‘Measuring the cost of cybercrime’ was presented at the WEIS. Here we highlight the findings of that updated paper discussed last year.

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Julian Arango

How some firms (especially SMBs) can go broke

Do companies go bankrupt by a cybersecurity breach? Some people assure there is no evidence about it. In this blog post, we tried to dig deeper.

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