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Oswaldo was security developer at Fluid Attacks from November 2017 until April 2019.

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Oswaldo Parada

Functional programming in JavaScript

Here we talk about some first steps in functional JavaScript and recommendations for migration. Functional JavaScript: fleeting fashion or imminent future?

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Oswaldo Parada

Static type checking with mypy

What are the potential problems of untyped objects in Python? Here we work on the importance of checking types before running the code and how mypy can help.

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Oswaldo Parada

Functional coding in Python

Here is an intro to the essential aspects of functional programming in Python, its benefits, how to start the migration, the most used libraries, and more.

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Oswaldo Parada

Functional vs Imperative

In this blog post, we show an analysis of why it is necessary to go functional even with non-functional languages.

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