Rubber duckies

Understanding Program Semantics

With symbolic execution

Here's a reflection on the need to represent code before actually feeding it into neural network...

Book in two languages

Can Code Be translated?

From code to words

Here we talk about Code2seq, which differs in adapting neural machine translation techniques to...

Target and darts

Further Down Code2vec

Vector representations of code

Here is a tutorial on the usage of code2vec to predict method names, determine the accuracy of...

Arrows vector field

Embedding Code Into Vectors

Vector representations of code

Here we discuss code2vec relation with word2vec and autoencoders to grasp better how feasible it...

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The Vectors of Language

Distributed representations of natural language

This post is an overview of word2vec, a method for obtaining vectors that represent natural...

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Triage for Hackers

Prioritize code auditing via ML

This post is a high-level review of our previous discussion concerning machine learning...

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Vulnerability Classifier

A pipeline to classify vulnerable code

Here is a simple attempt to define a vulnerability classifier using categorical encoding and a...

Computer showing a graph

Digression to Regression

Simple linear regression in scikit

In this post, we begin to tackle why vectors are the most appropriate representation for data as...

Person using a Syringe filled with bad stuff

Tainted Love

It's all about sanitization

This blog post provides a brief description of static and dynamic taint analysis or taint checking.

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Fool the Machine

Trick neural network classifiers

You'll see how to create images that fool classifiers into thinking they see the wrong object...

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Big Code

Learning from open source

Here we'll see how DeepCode works. It has a lot of potential for identifying bugs in your code...

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Natural Code

Natural language processing for code security

In this blog post, we present the use of Natural Language Processing in bug finding and coding...

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