Among the Top Global Leaders 2018

Fluid Attacks, a top cybersecurity company

solution Among the Top Global Leaders 2018

In an era where IT companies and business services are diverse, realizing which companies have the best performance on service delivery is crucial when buying services from companies that guarantee their expertise.

Having this in mind, Clutch (a renowned platform that connects buyers with IT companies) has announced their selection of top leading service companies and IT companies worldwide in 2018.

Fluid Attacks was recognized as a global leader on Cybersecurity category by Clutch, positioning it as one of the most relevant companies in this industry.

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Clutch runs a sophisticated model in which variables like client reviews, past work, market presence, and specialization in a given service, amongst other factors, correlate in order to obtain the results of this ranking.

At this moment, Fluid Attacks is located alongside matrix leaders at the seventh position among 15 companies.

Throughout the whole year, Clutch has included Fluid Attacks into the top ten companies in their field.

Clutc Leaders matrix

Fluid Attacks focuses more on its value offer, resigning other activities within its market segment, looking to achieve its purpose; Find all vulnerabilities and report back as soon as possible.

By seeing this, Fluid Attacks understands that it is on the right track when it comes to assess the risks in our clients information security.

We are proud of this mention, and it encourages us to maintain this level and keep improving every day.



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