Interview With Safety Detectives

Mauricio Gomez talking about Fluid Attacks

solution Interview With Safety Detectives

November 25, 2020

A few days ago, Mauricio Gomez, our co-founder and chairman, had an interview with Safety Detectives. It was conducted by Aviva Zacks, their content manager, writer and editor. She is continuously posting interviews with cybersecurity 'thought leaders' on her company's blog.

In this interview, Gomez describes in general terms what Fluid Attacks is. He talks about the services and solutions we offer, and the methodologies we employ as a red team constantly searching for vulnerabilities. He also gives an opinion about the current cyber-threats and the susceptibility of many companies to being attacked. The recent and sudden transformations in the modes of working and the tools used in the COVID-19 pandemic are factors of extraordinary importance for him.

To read the interview, please click here!


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