Application security solutions

Fluid Attacks offers comprehensive solutions in application security. We help you build secure applications by finding vulnerabilities in your software development lifecycle using automated tools and the manual work of our ethical hackers.

Application security solutions

You can integrate security into your DevOps approach throughout your software development lifecycle to achieve the DevSecOps methodology.

Security Testing

You can obtain accurate and detailed reports on security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, applications and source code.

Penetration Testing

You can have us perform continuous penetration testing, including simulated attacks on your systems, to discover vulnerabilities tools cannot find.

Ethical Hacking

You can have our ethical hackers constantly search for and find what threat actors might exploit in your IT systems, outdoing other hacking services.

Red Teaming

You can ask our red team to attack your company with its consent and reveal the flaws in its prevention, detection and response strategies.

Secure Code Review

You can verify if your lines of code comply with various required standards and if there are security vulnerabilities you should remediate.

Penetration Testing as a Service

You can find vulnerabilities with continuous pentests in which our hackers create custom exploits to try to bypass defenses.

Vulnerability Management

You can examine data on the identification, classification and prioritization of vulnerabilities in your systems.

Application Security Posture Management

You can have us orchestrate our AST methods throughout your SDLC and correlate and prioritize findings in favor of your risk exposure management.

Attack Resistance Management

You can manage and monitor your attack surface, the tests of your attack prevention, detection and response controls and the risks caused by flaws in them.

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Hacking software for over 20 years

Fluid Attacks tests applications and other systems, covering all software development stages. Our team assists clients in quickly identifying and managing vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of incidents and deploy secure technology.

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