Ethical Hacking

Fluid Attacks’ Ethical Hacking solution consists of attacking diverse systems with the aim of discovering vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers to generate significant damage to a company. Our certified ethical hackers use methods and tools in a similar way to unethical hackers. However, the difference is that our hackers first obtain your permission and then access your IT infrastructure, applications, or source code in order to collect and analyze information that can be useful to improve your organization’s data protection and defense.


Simultaneous assessment

Security in DevSecOps is as crucial as functionality. When it comes to detecting and reporting vulnerabilities, our hackers can go at the pace of your company’s developers. In this way, you save both money in repairs and time in release to production.

10+ hackers assigned

With our solution, you are not paying for an automatic hacking process. Rather than assigning only one professional to evaluate your IT systems’ security using an automated tool, at Fluid Attacks, Continuous Hacking is usually performed by nearly 10 ethical or white hat hackers per project.

Price based on scope

Our cost is variable and proportional to the number of developers who build and modify your code. In other words, the price you pay for our Ethical Hacking solution will be proportional to your investment in software development.

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