Ethical Hacking: Security testing services by experts

You can have Fluid Attacks' ethical hackers constantly identify what threat actors might exploit in your IT systems, outdoing point-in-time hacking services.

solution Ethical Hacking: Security testing services by experts

Fluid Attacks' Ethical Hacking solution consists of attacking diverse systems with the aim of discovering vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers to generate significant damage to a company. Our certified ethical hackers use methods and tools in a similar way to unethical hackers. However, the difference is that our hackers first obtain your permission and then attack your system with the goal of helping you proactively look for and understand the threats to your technology. They do a reconnaissance of your IT infrastructure, applications or source code and try to get access and exploit flaws through ethical pentesting to collect and analyze information that can be useful to improve your organization's data protection.

Contrary to other ethical hacking services, our solution is performed continuously throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). This means you don't have to wait for professional hacker services to check on the security of a product just before it reaches its end users. We guarantee ethical hacking attacks that find complex vulnerabilities early in a preventive way, so that your development team can remediate them before your software goes into production.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

Simultaneous security assessment

Simultaneous security assessment

Security in DevSecOps is as crucial as functionality. When it comes to detecting and reporting vulnerabilities, our hackers can go at the pace of your company's developers, which is not possible with traditional hacking solutions. In this way, your proactive security stance saves your company both money in remediation and time in release to production.

Secure apps, networks, cloud infrastructure and more

Secure apps, networks, cloud infrastructure and more

Fluid Attacks' Ethical Hacking targets risks to a wide variety of systems, including web and mobile applications, containers, operational technology, the Internet of Things, among others.

Report of critical severity vulnerabilities

Report of critical severity vulnerabilities

Our latest research shows that all of the critical severity vulnerabilities in our clients' systems were detected by the manual method only. That is, ethical hackers can find the vulnerabilities automated tools can't.

Multiple hackers assigned to your project

Multiple hackers assigned to your project

With our solution, you are not paying for a so-called 'automatic hacking' process. Rather than assigning only one professional to evaluate threats to your IT systems' security using an automated tool, at Fluid Attacks, Ethical Hacking is usually performed by several ethical or white hat hackers per project.

Price of hacking based on scope

Price of hacking based on scope

Our cost is variable and proportional to the number of developers who build and modify your code. In other words, the price you pay for our Ethical Hacking solution will be proportional to your investment in software development.

Meet compliance requirements and then some

Meet compliance requirements and then some

We check that your systems comply with our rich catalog of security requirements, expertly curated from international standards (e.g., PCI DSS, OWASP, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA) and not limited to the most talked about. Since we conduct assessments continuously, we enable your security posture to be beyond what is expected by any standard but required in today's threat landscape.

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Ethical Hacking FAQs

What does an ethical hacker do?

A certified ethical hacker exerts their expertise to discover everything that can pose a cybersecurity risk within an IT system, operating with the consent of its owners. In their assessments, they normally proceed in the same phases a skilled threat actor would follow: passive and active reconnaissance, enumeration, analysis and exploitation. In a later reporting phase, the ethical hacker presents their findings, which are valuable to trigger remediation efforts. We offer plenty more details here.

What is the ethical hacker's workflow?

Commonly, ethical hackers may start by gathering information about the target from different sources without interacting with it, which is known as passive reconnaissance. Following this, active reconnaissance may begin, in which the ethical hackers get to know the target organization now engaging in interaction. Then, establishing a connection to the target organization's server, the professionals can gather information that includes users, hosts and networks in the enumeration phase. Next is the analysis to determine the impact detected vulnerabilities could have when exploited. Ethical hackers proceed with the exploitation and find out what a cybercriminal could achieve by taking advantage of the security weaknesses. After that, in the reporting phase, ethical hackers inform the organization of the results. We mention more details on this workflow here.

Why is ethical hacking important?

Ethical hacking is important because it anticipates attacks that malicious actors would try to perform, thus informing of the flaws in the system that need to be remediated, which are often more severe than those found using only automated tools.

What are the types of hackers?

It’s typical to hear that word and instantly feel unease. But “hacker” doesn’t have to be associated with malicious intent. Even though there are those who exploit vulnerabilities for personal gain (black hat hackers) or those who access information without prior consent (gray hat hackers) but don’t misuse it, there are also those who help organizations find cybersecurity flaws (white hat hackers) with prior owner approval. White hats, who abide by a code of ethics, hack systems to perform penetration testing and find weaknesses, which would need to be remediated before malicious hackers find them.

What are the phases of ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking follows a structured approach of usually five phases: (1) reconnaissance (gather information about the target; it can be done passively or actively), (2) enumeration (rundown of the target’s security posture and potentially affected areas), (3) analysis (evaluate attack vectors, difficulty of vulnerability exploitation and possible impacts in each attack scenario), (4) exploitation (attacks are carried out for the identification of real effects), and (5) reporting (document findings for management and technical teams).

What's the difference between ethical hacking and penetration testing?

Penetration testing is a specific type of ethical hacking where testers follow a defined approach to evaluate an organization’s specific systems, and ethical hacking is a more general term that envelops a broader coverage. In any case, they both involve ethical hackers applying their skills to improve security.

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Organizations are leveraging the expert intelligence of ethical hackers to find most of the critical severity vulnerabilities in their systems. Don't miss out on the benefits, and ask us about our Ethical Hacking solution. If first you'd like a taste of our automated security testing, check out the 21-day free trial.

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