Penetration Testing as a Service: Continuous security testing through the eyes of the attacker

With Fluid Attacks, you can find vulnerabilities with continuous pentests. In these, our hackers create custom exploits to try to bypass defenses.

solution Penetration Testing as a Service: Continuous security testing through the eyes of the attacker

Pentesting involves accurately simulating the techniques used by today's threat actors to find most highly exploitable issues. Fluid Attacks' ethical hackers go beyond the traditional penetration testing, a point-in-time evaluation, performing it continuously. This delivery model is known as penetration testing as a service (PTaaS), which allows our hackers to check for known and zero-day security vulnerabilities in every version of your source code or running application.

During continuous penetration tests, our hackers develop elaborate exploits to find weaknesses. If there are any, we show evidence of compromised data, bypassed controls, etc. On our platform, you can view all our findings, assign their remediation to developers on your team, get support from our hackers and more.

Benefits of Penetration Testing as a Service

Manual and accurate testing

Manual and accurate testing

The whole idea behind penetration testing is to find business-critical issues by simulating the techniques and way of thinking of malicious hackers. If you choose pentesting as a complement to vulnerability scanning, you may have realized tools yield high rates of false positives and false negatives, and thus it's not wise to rely solely on them for assessing IT systems.

Tests by a highly certified red team

Tests by a highly certified red team

Our red team holds several certifications in penetration testing, including OSEE, eCPTXv2 and eWPTXv2. This way, we guarantee that your application's resistance to attacks is being tested by professionals who really know the ways of malicious hackers.

All vulnerability information in one place

All vulnerability information in one place

We report on a single pane of glass all the critical information about the vulnerabilities detected during the penetration testing. Using our platform gives you broad and convenient control for vulnerability management.

Up-to-date information on your system's security

Up-to-date information on your system's security

On our platform, information on results, evidence, guidance, and more, is always available and continuously updated as our assessment of your systems progresses.

Remediation quickly following detection

Remediation quickly following detection

You can start remediating vulnerabilities, following a prioritization scheme, soon after our hacking team has identified them. As you do so, you prevent going into production with a high risk of suffering successful cyberattacks.

Uninterrupted customer service

Uninterrupted customer service

Fluid Attacks' expert penetration testing team is at your service to evaluate different types of systems (e.g., web apps, networks, IoT) and help you with your concerns regarding the findings and their possible solutions.

Multiple reattacks

Multiple reattacks

When you remediate a vulnerability we found through Continuous Hacking in your system, you can ask us to verify that remediation. We offer unlimited reattacks; every time, this verification process has no additional cost.

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Penetration Testing as a Service FAQs

What is penetration testing?

It is the simulation of genuine attacks to test the security of a system with the permission of its owners. This method often involves creating custom exploits with the goal of bypassing defenses. That is why it can be as accurate as the skills of the ethical hackers performing it allow it to be. We perform continuous pentesting, which means that our professionals test your systems permanently as you make changes.

What is the primary purpose of penetration testing?

It is to find business-critical vulnerabilities in information systems by using the same techniques and way of thinking of malicious hackers.

What is the end result of a penetration test?

Penetration tests reveal complex vulnerabilities that are often more severe than those found by automated tools alone. The result is a more realistic view of the security of information systems. If it is performed continuously and early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), as we do not tire of recommending, then you can eliminate spots through which malicious hackers could get in before moving into production.

What is manual pentesting?

We argue that automated tools cannot perform penetration testing. Therefore, manual pen testing is the only kind there is. So the answer to this question is the same as that to the first question of this FAQ. Remember, vulnerability scanning cannot do what shines the brightest in manual penetration testing: simulation of real attack scenarios.

What is penetration testing as a service?

Penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) is a delivery model of pentesting in which a software product is assessed continuously as it undergoes changes in its SDLC (software development lifecycle).

How does PTaaS work?

In PTaaS, one or more pen testers assess the security of a target software product shortly after its owners have made changes to it. The results of the ongoing assessments are shared with the client on a cloud-based centralized platform, where the client can monitor and analyze them continuously. Throughout the course of vulnerability management, PTaaS allows for fluid communication between the client's development team and the PTaaS provider's pen testers so that the former can have guidance for vulnerability remediation, should they need it. Whenever the development team determines it has solved a vulnerability, it can ask the pen testers to verify if the remediation effort was effective.

Get started with Fluid Attacks' PTaaS solution right now

Organizations who are making changes to their software should test it continuously, looking to be at least one step ahead of threat actors. Don't miss out on the benefits, and ask us about our PTaaS solution. If first you'd like a taste of our automated security testing, check out the 21-day free trial.

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