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Red Teaming

Fluid Attacks is 100% a Red Team. Our core is testing and attacking infrastructures, applications, and source codes to find vulnerabilities that may pose risks to the assets of the owners and users of those systems. Our certified ethical hackers, continuously aiming to discover and employ novel tools and approaches, simulate cybercriminal attacks on your company’s information technology to assess its security controls and status. Based on these findings, we can then provide you with advice to determine the best ways to resolve your systems’ weaknesses and improve your protection against the countless, constant internal and external threats in cybersecurity.


Certified hackers

Our ethical hackers have received various certifications, including OSCE, OSCP, OSWP, and CRTE. This red team expertise will allow you to remain confident that the security tests will be effective.


Fluid Attacks’ Red Team members can assume a range of specific roles depending on their specialization: Attack, Deterministic, Critical, Release, Escapes, Systems, Exploit, and Reattack. This focused expertise across a wide variety of approaches facilitates the discovery of higher impact vulnerabilities.

Zero-Day vulnerabilities

Our hackers are skilled at finding zero-day vulnerabilities, which are the weaknesses in IT systems that others have not yet discovered and which do not have a defined remediation patch.

Red Teaming is one solution among all those belonging to our leading Continuous Hacking service

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