Red Teaming: A broad view of your company's security

You can ask Fluid Attacks’ red team to attack your company with its consent and reveal the flaws in its prevention, detection and response strategies.

solution Red Teaming: A broad view of your company's security

Fluid Attacks establishes with your organization specific objectives and sets out to attack its systems and security controls to find out the effectiveness of its attack prevention, detection and response strategies. The holistic nature of this approach means it would often need for the personnel, and not only the technology, to also be put to the test (e.g., through social engineering). This allows the red teaming simulation to be as close to reality as possible. Also for this purpose, our ethical hackers, who hold several certifications in offensive security, employ up-to-date tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) to simulate attacks that cybercriminals may conduct against your organization. Based on what they find, we can then provide you with advice to determine the best ways to resolve your systems' weaknesses and improve your protection against the countless, constant internal and external threats in cybersecurity.

Benefits of Red Teaming

Tests of responses to "real-world" cyberattacks

Tests of responses to "real-world" cyberattacks

Fluid Attacks' red team members emulate the tactics, techniques and procedures of today's threat actors and try to go unnoticed to test your organization's security. These exercises are holistic in that they assess the effectiveness of security strategies both at the technological and human level.

Security testing by certified hackers

Security testing by certified hackers

Our ethical hackers have received various certifications, including OSEE, OSCE, eCPTXv2, CRTO, CRTE and CARTP. This expertise will allow you to remain confident that the red team attack simulations will be effective.

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Red Teaming FAQs

What is red team in cyber security?

A red team is a group of offensive security specialists that simulates cyberattacks against the same organizations that employ it, targeting not only their IT systems but also their employees and security controls in their physical facilities.

What is red team and blue team in cyber security?

Whereas a red team is a group of experts that conducts offensive attacks to realize specific objectives, a blue team is a group of defensive security specialists whose job is to assess the target organization's security and organize, implement and improve controls that would help fend it from the red team and other attackers.

What is a red team exercise?

Red team exercises are attack simulations where the red team advances offensively toward specific objectives agreed upon between it and the target organization, who, in turn, must respond defensively. The red team simulations are done with the consent of the organization's executive leadership, although, ideally, the incident response team, employees and security staff do not know this.

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Organizations who test the effectiveness of their prevention, detection and response strategies constantly through realistic attacks are one step ahead of adversarial threat actors. Don't miss out on the benefits, and ask us about our Red Teaming solution. If first you'd like a taste of our automated security testing, check out the 21-day free trial.

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