Secure Code Review

Fluid Attacks’ Secure Code Review solution provides you with a comprehensive review of your software’s source code. Specifically, this solution is intended to identify whether your lines of code are following required coding standards and whether there are security flaws or vulnerabilities that need to be remediated promptly to prevent any cyberattack. We employ a diverse set of security testing techniques, including SAST and SCA, always using a combination of automatic and manual processes to achieve these objectives. Contrary to common practice, the Secure Code Review solution should be applied to your applications’ code from the early stages of the Software Development Lifecycle and at a continuous pace, reducing security risks before the software is released and avoiding future costs of remediation.


Updated security

The early and constant review of your code can allow the system, in general, to maintain updated and secure components, that is, to follow all kinds of trends in cybersecurity in favor of the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

Security plus quality

This Secure Code Review solution offers a detailed examination of your software’s source code structure and functionality in order to detect every type of error and weakness, so you can then diligently remedy these to ensure both security and quality in your product.

Full tracking

Our Attack Surface Manager (ASM) allows you to access general and specific data for each finding in your code reported by our expert security analysts. Furthermore, enables your team to follow the entire vulnerability remediation process with detailed, real-time information.

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