Cloud Infrastructure

It is common today for many companies to move their systems and applications to the cloud, seeking benefits of higher speed and reduced costs. Nevertheless, cloud infrastructure can also mean important, new security issues that need to be resolved and that are different from on-premises models’ issues. These can include configuration, application and network weaknesses and flaws that malicious hackers can exploit to reach sensitive data and may disrupt your infrastructure’s operational flow.

Our cloud security testing, which involves automatic and manual techniques such as SAST, DAST, IAST and SCA, does not have any problem if your information assets are hosted on Azure, GCP, AWS or another cloud. It is our responsibility to identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure beyond the OWASP Top 10, so we use Manual Pentesting to go deeper. We simulate cyberattacks, evaluating the architecture and integrity of your security controls, the capabilities to detect and respond to threats, as well as the infrastructure’s functionalities which are susceptible to being exploited.