At Fluid Attacks, we have a broad collection of information systems which we target in security testing with the aim of detecting vulnerabilities which are at risk of being exploited.

Web Applications

We can help you test your web applications' features, functions and components which may possess security vulnerabilities that put your company’s and users' information assets at risk. Our security testing goes beyond the OWASP top ten web application security risks.
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Mobile Applications

We stay up to date with attack vectors on mobile applications and provide you with security testing to identify vulnerabilities in this type of system. We work with iOS, Android and Windows UI, and go beyond the OWASP top 10 mobile vulnerabilities and other popular lists.
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Thick Clients

We recognize the value of assessing not only thin client but also thick client applications, which mainly operate on the client-side with or without a connection to a network. Testing configurations and interactions, we look for vulnerabilities that affect both the client and the server-side.
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APIs and Microservices

We are aware of the essential functions of APIs and microservices in the applications and how both can be vulnerable to cyberattacks. We evaluate microservices' interactions and operations, as well as the exposition of APIs in order to detect vulnerabilities which could be exploited by criminals.
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Cloud Infrastructure

We can help you test the cloud infrastructure your company has acquired for its monetary and optimization benefits. We work on Azure, AWS, GCP or any other cloud to identify configuration, application or network weaknesses representing potential attack vectors.
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Networks and Hosts

We are able to perform assessments of hosts, devices and services of your company’s internal and external networks. We can help you detect misconfigurations and outdated components, among other flaws, going from general structure analysis to specific element inspection.
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Internet of Things

We understand that IoT devices are often implemented in some companies' infrastructures without the appropriate security measures. We provide you with security testing for each connected element and every new incorporation to find vulnerabilities that may affect other devices or servers.
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We also work on Operational Technology that serves for the monitoring of industrial elements and processes. We implement security assessments in the industrial control system SCADA, considering the cybersecurity risks your company may face when OT networks are connected to the Internet.
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