Mobile Applications

The use of mobile devices has grown dramatically in recent years. This has gone in tandem with the increase of mobile applications (we are talking about millions) that day by day compete wildly in the market offering their services. Our high dependence on this type of technology has led to an increasing amount of sensitive information at risk. Companies that build or manage mobile applications are responsible for thinking about and applying cybersecurity, not only complying with basic standards but also guaranteeing almost entirely secure systems that prevent data leakages.

Fluid Attacks can help you with this mission through the work of our ethical hackers. With great skill and creativity, they are able to detect security vulnerabilities in your applications —for iOS, Android or Windows UI— for prompt remediation. We employ techniques like SAST, DAST and SCA, both automatic and manual, but we can also make use of more complex methods, such as Pentesting and Software Reverse Engineering (if there is no source code), to comprehensively and accurately assess your mobile applications.

In this case, the vulnerabilities to find are almost the same as for web applications, so we do not keep a narrow focus on OWASP Top 10 Mobile vulnerabilities or other popular lists. Our mobile application security testing can be part of your SDLC, if you are developing, in order to continuously assess your lines of code before going to production. We can maintain evaluations during the accelerated update processes of the applications that respond to the users’ needs.

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