Develop and deploy secure software without delays

The all-in-one solution to accurately find and help you remediate vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC and ensure secure deployments.

Develop and deploy secure software without delays

We are helping hundreds of companies build secure applications


Discover Continuous Hacking

Fluid Attacks performs comprehensive security testing continuously

All-in-one approach

All-in-one approach

We combine automation, AI and expert intelligence to perform SAST, DAST, SCA, CSPM, SCR, MPT and RE. This way, we provide you with accurate knowledge of the security status of your application.

Fast and secure deployments

Fast and secure deployments

We enable your DevSecOps implementation. This means security goes alongside innovation without hindering your speed.

Support across your SDLC

Support across your SDLC

We provide you with expert knowledge about vulnerabilities and support options that enable you to remediate the security issues in your application.

How does Continuous Hacking work?

We accurately detect vulnerabilities in continuous cycles as your technology evolves

Our automated analyses include SAST, DAST, SCA and CSPM. Our tools scan your system and report the common vulnerabilities, showing low false positive rates.

Our AI is specially trained with thousands of snippets of vulnerable code. A dedicated module helps us prioritize potentially vulnerable files for review.

Our highly certified red team continuously examines code, infrastructure and applications for security vulnerabilities through manual pentesting.

Our experts review the findings manually, discard potential false positives and assess the validity of results before showing them to your team.

Our experts seek to reduce false negatives by searching even deeper for vulnerabilities.

Our experts evaluate the effectiveness of your fix to a vulnerability and whether new vulnerabilities emerged due to the implementation.


Develop software knowing you are backed up by our powerful application security solutions

We help you optimally integrate security into development.

Our clients deploy secure technology several times daily. When will you start?

Learn how Continuous Hacking helps our clients keep their applications secure.

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Fluid Attacks tests applications and other systems, covering all software development stages. Our team assists clients in quickly identifying and managing vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of incidents and deploy secure technology.

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