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Four elements that help you build and maintain secure IT systems

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The Platform Element that Controls the Process to Achieve Remediation

Integrates is a platform where vulnerabilities are reported, classified and prioritized. It also allows you to define their treatments, as well as check the status and progress of their remediation.

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The Automatic Element that Identifies Superficial Vulnerabilities

Skims is a SAST/SCA tool that searches and detects superficial or peripheral vulnerabilities in your IT systems at high speed. It can also automatically verify whether vulnerabilities have been successfully repaired.

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The Human Element that Continuously Detects Vulnerabilities

Drills uses the right combination of technology and human intelligence to find deep and zero-day vulnerabilities during the software development lifecycle. Forget about false positives and false negatives!

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The Robot Element that Breaks the Build to Force Remediation

Forces allows you to implement DevSecOps into your project. It breaks the build to force the remediation of confirmed deep, re-opened and new vulnerabilities.

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These four elements, which are part of our Continuous Hacking service, allow your company to achieve high vulnerability remediation rates

We can help you comply with the following standards, among others

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Since 2001, Fluid Attacks has been developing cybersecurity products and providing solutions for clients in industries like technology, banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, airlines, and retail.

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